About Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) Drops

Since Vedic times, traditions and rituals have been passed on from generation to generation in our country. These rituals have since become a part of our lifestyle. They are integrated into our lives since birth and are part of all the life events till death. They help us to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.
One of the ancient rituals that have been passed on is Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan). It is a mixture made from the natural herbs. These herbs have medicinal properties that have a positive effect on our bodies. This has been practiced in ancient times, and now has been revived to get the beneficial effects of this mixture.
This mixture is called Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) because it has Swarna i.e. gold. It contains a drop of 24-carat pure gold that is mixed with natural herbs. Once the mixture is created, all the ingredients come together to give a natural immunizer that can be consumed without having harmful side effects.
Ayurvedic Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) Drop is given to children to increase their metabolism and overall health. This is the answer to common questions like how to increase immunity in the baby. It is believed that this mixture is given in Pushya Nakshatra, as this nakshatra is considered auspicious to take medicines. Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) gives benefits like increased immunity, great memory, good digestion, and metabolism. It can also be given with protein for kids. This is given to normal children as well as children with special needs like difficulty in learning, autism, hyperactivity, etc.
In the times where artificial vaccinations have shown some serious side effects, Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) is made from completely natural herbs in an ayurvedic process. Since it does not have chemicals that can be harmful, it is completely safe to give this mixture to children. Overall improvement in a child’s health is a gift that the society can give to its children.