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How to Help Your Kids To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

 How to Help Your Kids To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

Nothing looks more peaceful than a sleeping child. "Sleep is crucial for everyone, especially for kids' mental and physical development," says Dr. Sumit Bhargava from Stanford Children's Health Sleep Center. However, there are times when children might suffer from numerous, uncomfortable sleepless nights at a stretch. The lack of sleep in children may lead to irritation, stress, low concentration and motivation, and amnesia. To tackle insomnia in children, try the following tips to get your child a good night's sleep:

1) A fixed sleep routine

Be it an infant, a toddler, or a kid, sticking to a definite time for bed helps children in a long way. Ideally, the sleeping and waking up time should be definite, even on weekends. This helps in syncing the body clock with schedule and is also helpful for adults. Small kids need 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night. Make sure that the kids sleep early enough if they wake up early in the morning to attend school.

2) Devise a proper plan

Make a bedtime ritual, which could be as simple as singing a song, reading a book, glancing through pictures, or even cuddling. These exercises would help relax their muscles, simulate sleep hormones, and clear their mind before sleeping. Children should be made aware of this routine so they could adapt to it. Construct the plan with the inputs from your kids so they can go along with it with no trouble and qualms.


3) Be with them

Despite the hectic schedule, parents should make sure that they spend quality time with their kids before bedtime. You can ask your kids about their day and converse about the future activities or plans that they would want to take up. Children miss the attention they want from their parents, and a little cuddling may relieve them from stress and build a positive mindset to give a night of sound sleep.


4) Say no to electronics

The use of mobile or laptop screens right before sleeping is not a good idea. The light emitted from these devices stimulates the brain by inhibiting the production of melatonin and serotonin, the sleep-time hormones. It is parents' responsibility to ensure that all the technology devices are switched off at least 1 hour before sleeping. Even during daytime, kids should be encouraged to do more physical activity, so they are burned out by night and can fall asleep quickly.


5) Practice

By practicing good sleep hygiene, it becomes easier to sleep. Clear away any toys, gadgets, or other distractions from the bedroom. This helps kids to associate the bedroom with sleep, and they become more comfortable in their beds. Kids should also practice to relax and fall asleep in their bed, so they can easily affiliate the sensation of sleep to their bedroom.

6) Reward instead of Punishment

There might be cases where the children may deliberately hinder their sleep, but parents must keep their calm and try to get to the root of the problem. Punishing your child or shouting at them will scare them into sleeping, but the complication will recur over time. You could reward your children whenever they follow their sleeping ritual diligently—for example, cooking their favorite meal if they have kept up with their bedtime for several consecutive days. This would motivate your kids to respect their bedtime plan and sleep on time.


7) Uneasy nights

Unknowingly, the child could be suffering from night terrors, nightmares, or even sleepwalking. REM sleep (Rapid eye movement sleep) is a phase of our sleep time wherein our eyes move rapidly, accompanied by experiencing vivid dreams. A dream is hardly recallable, but a nightmare can haunt the child for many nights. Parents must reassure their children that such incidences are perfectly normal as they are a product of their imagination and will pass away. In cases like sleepwalking or recurring nightmares, a sleep specialist doctor may be consulted to ward off these problems.

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