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Brahmi - A Surprising Memory Booster For Kids

Brahmi - A Surprising Memory Booster For Kids

Bacopa monnieri is the scientific name of Brahmi. Brahmi is a therapeutic herb that is famous as medicine all around the world. It is also known as water hyssop or herb of grace, but Brahmi is the most popular name. Brahmi is found at altitudes from sea level to heights of 4400 feet. It is native to the wetlands of southern and eastern India. Brahmi is a small succulent herb with numerous branches and roots at the nodes. Naturally, it manages to grow in wet soil, shallow water, and marshes. The herb has small flowers that are either light purple or white.

The whole plant has a healing purpose, including the flowers. Brahmi offers a variety of health benefits, unlike other herbs, which makes it very desirable. It contains many valuable triterpene saponins and alkaloids that have ample effects on the human body. Brahmi also has many organic compounds and volatile constituents. Brahmi tastes bitter-sweet and imparts cooling energy. 

Now that we are familiar with Brahmi, let us see what its properties are and how it benefits the human body. Brahmi is an excellent supplement for developing your brain functions and sharpening your memory. Children benefit the most from this herb. It helps improve the three aspects of consciousness, which include long term memory, short term memory, and the remaining capacity of the mind, also known as recollection power. It has antioxidant properties that are known to be good for the brain.

Our brain has various parts, of which the hippocampus part is responsible for intelligence, concentration, and memory. Brahmi has a positive effect on the hippocampus part to improve the aforementioned qualities. Coincidentally, the leaf of the Brahmi herb has a similar shape to the cerebellum - part of the human brain. The cerebellum is responsible for controlling concentration and recollection of memories.

Brahmi has a cooling property that eliminates anxiety and keeps the mind calm and composed. It is also known to promote sound sleep. Brahmi decreases the levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. The herb also neutralizes stress by regulating the hormones involved with the stress response. It also contains various antioxidants that are vital for relishing a healthy life. Antioxidants are compounds that help in removing free radicals that can further mutate into cancer cells, thus potentially preventing a cancerous disease. 

We have seen that Brahmi is beneficial for memory, easing stress and anxiety, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. These traits are must-haves in children. In today's world, a child has a lot of burden with cut-throat competition in any field of life. The constant expectations from children unknowingly lead to vast amounts of pressure and subsequently, a stressful childhood. A broken childhood is never a good sign for a healthy life. It is crucial that the kids of today experience stress-free early years that will eventually contribute to building the nation. One of the significant reasons for the shortcomings of a child is weak memory power. Having a great memory helps, but not everyone is born with it. Nevertheless, studies have shown that from the age of childhood, memory can be improved. Brahmi, as described earlier, is useful in enhancing the memory of kids.

INC Swarnaprashan is a unique ayurvedic preparation which also contains the medicinal herb, Brahmi. Buy swarnaprashan online to ensure your child enjoys his life rather than drag through it stressfully. Along with memory improvement and stress reduction, regular consumption of Brahmi also helps strengthen your immune system. The ayurvedic herb, as mentioned, contains antioxidant compounds along with a lot of nutrients.

This combination helps increase the response time of our immune system against various diseases and illnesses. Brahmi is also known to ease the symptoms of severe conditions such as Alzheimer's' and dementia by influencing brain cells to rebuild brain tissues. Such a powerful herb is an ingredient in Suvarnaprashan. Buy suvarnaprashan drops to improve the life course of your beloved young one. Suvarnaprashan drops dosage varies as per the doctors' prescription. Brahmi is an incredible supplement for your children, but make sure to consult a doctor before consuming suvarnaprashan drops.

It is always essential to know before-hand any underlying conditions that could potentially turn harmful. Brahmi, as a herb does not have any side-effects at all. However, excess consumption will lead to stomach-disorders. Brahmi is available in the market in the form of pills and powder. But, suvarnaprashan is in a semi-liquid state containing ashes of gold and various other herb extracts including Brahmi.  There are countless benefits of Brahmi, other than memory booster, stress reliever, and immunity builder. Brahmi is also known to improve skin health, prevent hair-fall, treat dry scalp, and even regulate blood sugar levels. Make sure your child gets these benefits of a pure and natural ingredient by purchasing suvarnaprashan online today!

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