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Children's Health: Strong Immunity Means Strong Digestion

Children's Health: Strong Immunity Means Strong Digestion

Immunity in children is mainly dependant upon a sound digestion especially during childhood and in later life too. In Ayurveda, the gastric juices and the metabolic transformations during digestion are referred as “Agni”

This “Agni” is solely responsible for good health and longevity as extold by Charaka Samhita, an ancient Vedic scripture that dwelves upon the basic principles of Ayurveda. This Agni also referred to as Jhataragni , comprises digestive enzymes and other secretions that are responsible for breaking down complex food substances into simpler digestible form also called Chyle. The Chyle which is in the fluid form reaches the cells and helps in creating and nourishing healthy tissues.

For creating healthy tissues, called Dhatu in Ayurveda, the chyle is metabolized to yield various nutrients needed for nourishing as well as for the development of new tissues. In case of any malfunctioning in the digestive system, the nutrient fluid so formed will not be able to produce healthy tissues or effectively nourish them.

Normally children are in the growing phase and it is necessary that all the organs develop properly for efficient and fault free functioning. The tissues that develop due to rapid growth in children are- Blood, Plasma, Cells, Fat and adipose tissue, Reproductive tissue, Bone marrow and Central nervous system

For the development of new tissues, cells must undergo cell division. Hence the enzymes involved in cell division should be properly formed lest the tissue so formed may be defective. The principle that drives the cell to undergo division is also termed “Agni” in Ayurveda. The transformation of Chyle involves formation of blood- muscles-fat - bone - bone marrow and so on. For the nutrient fluid to be healthy the digestion process must function properly. For the proper functioning of the digestive process the Jatharagni must function smoothly. Agni also exists within each cell as a transforming function which is responsible for the proper functioning of DNA and RNA. Different cells in our system perform different and specific functions and hence it is imperative that all cells develop and function to their optimum.

When digestion is weak, a toxic waste product Ama is formed firstly in the stomach and later gets eliminated. But if proper elimination doesn’t occur then this Ama spreads to various organs and tissues through the nutrient fluid and causes diseases. Ama tends to block the channels that carry nutrients to the cells and circulation and elimination channels resulting in malnourishment of the cells and tissues thus weakening them. Also, Ama is responsible for creating fertile bed for Bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive, free radicals and reactive oxygen species to develop  that are directly responsible for development of many diseases.

If a child possesses a healthy digestive system, the end product of digestion also called Ojas or the vital principle will be more and this is reflected by liveliness, clear thinking, enthusiasm, lustrous skin and sparkling eyes. Ojas reside in the body between tissues and organs and constantly nourish them. The more the Ojas, the more healthier the digestive system, more immunity and more strength.

When immunity is developed with proper health care, then there is proper functioning of each cell leading to vitality and optimally functioning immune system and a vibrant health devoid of any disease.

This is what is aimed by INC-Swarnaprashan, for instilling sound health in body, mind and emotions throughout life. This Ayurvedic preparation helps boost the immune system thus keeping diseases at bay. Microorganisms are around us all the time and it depends on the body’s immune system whether the person succumbs to them or not. Stronger the immunity, any physical, emotional or environmental changes won’t affect the basic strength and stability of a child.

Certain herbs and nutrients are found to play a great role in building strong immunity in children. So in INC-Swarnaprashan, you can get all the goodness of such herbs with some added benefit of 24 carat Gold. So, what are you waiting for? No worries if lockdown is going on and you are worried about your child getting infected with Covid 19.

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