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Is your child falling sick often? What are the ways to restore your child’s immunity?

Is your child falling sick often? What are the ways to restore your child’s immunity?

During the rainy season and winters a child may get sick again and again and they start to sniffle and we rush to wrap them up to keep their sickness at bay. Normally no child should get sick because he/she is not wearing proper seasonal clothing or whether the season is cold or raining. Normally children start to get Cold when they wean away from breast milk, that is, the immunity received from their mother starts to fade and they have to build up their own immune system. Babies, toddlers and preschool children get about seven to eight colds per year, during schooling five to six colds, and during adult age about four colds per year.

The reason for children getting Cold too many times is their exposure to new viruses all the time. The viruses are everywhere and no matter how much you sanitize and clean, there are at least 200 different cold viruses and they are mutating all the time. The child’s body will build up immunity against these viruses, when they are exposed to them. But it takes time.The rate of cold triples in winter not because of cold air but because people tend to spend more time in crowded areas, indoors together breathing re-circulated air. Smoking at home also increases the child’s susceptibility to cold.

Colds cannot be prevented, rather  they are must to build up a child’s immune system. The first five days of the viral infection are the worst, the symptoms and fatigue may linger on for 15 to 21 days after which they become normal. There are no medicines for viral infections as such. Since there are around 100 viruses that trigger common cold, it’s no wonder children falling prey to continual rounds of sniffles, sneezes and coughs. Some cold prone kids may also have a genetically active immune system that reacts more strongly to viruses. Children’s immune system is designed to build up by exposure to antigens. Sometimes a clean environment may also contribute to  the weak immunity shown by them. An inflammation in the upper respiratory system can also make a child susceptible to recurrent colds. Every now and then we keep hearing about new viruses and disease breakouts which were completely unheard of a few years ago and suddenly are a huge threat. Its because the environment is becoming more and more favorable to the growth and multiplication of such germs, pollutants and irritants in the environment that further reduce our children’s immunity. Hence children should be given a balanced nutritious diet to help them build better immunity and strength instead of just relying on medicines to do the needful. Sometimes too much medication also tends to weaken the immune system.

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