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6 Habits To Adapt For Increased Immunity In Kids

6 Habits To Adapt For Increased Immunity In Kids

Babies are beautiful gifts of nature. Protecting them from infections and common diseases, especially during the rainy season is very important. Many parents wonder about how to increase immunity in babies. The answer to this question lies in providing the proper nutrition that acts as an immunity booster for kids. There are various ways that we can inculcate in our lives to provide nutrition for kids. Read on to know more about them.

Fruity Life

Including more fruits and veggies in kids, food is a great way to make them eat healthily. Carrots, beans, oranges, and strawberries are rich in immunity-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C and carotenoids. They increase the production of infection-fighting antibodies that block viruses. Having an enhanced defense mechanism will help the babies', kids are protected from common diseases like cough and flu.

Sleepy Baby

Encouraging kids to get proper sleep increases their chances of having a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation causes susceptibility to illness which is true even for kids. Having a proper sleeping schedule that ensures the child gets the required amount of sleep is important. Newborns require 18 hours of sleep while toddlers may need 12-13 hours and kids require 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep time.

Mamma’s milk

Breastfeeding your child for the initial months is very important in developing a strong immunity. Breast Milk contains immunity-enhancing antibodies and white blood cells that protect the baby from various ailments like infections, allergies, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, meningitis, etc. It is also believed to enhance the brainpower of the child.


Studies have shown that regular exercise helps in the development of natural antigens that kill the foreign cells in the body. Motivating kids to do simple exercises will keep them fit and healthy. Instead of just telling them to exercise, try to exercise with them. This will give you a common activity that you can bond over and have quality time together. This could result in having a fun family time doing hiking, bike riding, or playing cricket or basketball.

Germ Shield

Simple habits go a long way in protecting your child from germs and bacteria. Like washing hands regularly before eating anything, handling pets, blowing the nose, or using the bathroom. When outside, you can carry hand sanitizers or wipes to ensure that hygiene is maintained. If your child does get sick, make it a point to get a new toothbrush so that the germs cannot infect other members of the family by hopping on to other toothbrushes.

Too Many Pills?

Pushing your pediatrician to give antibiotics every time your child gets sick is the quickest way to deteriorate his immunity. Relying on meds regularly creates a dependency which leads to increased intake of these drugs. Thinking that taking antibiotics will not hurt is a misconception. In the long run, it is a bad idea. Instead, asking your doctor to suggest natural ways to combat the sickness is a healthier option.

Following these tips will definitely prove to be beneficial and will act as an immunity booster for kids. Are you ready to try them?

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