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Top 5 ways to keep your baby active an all-rounder

Top 5 ways to keep your baby active an all-rounder

Keeping the baby active and all-rounder requires a lot of work. Babies are delicate creatures that need a lot of attention, care, and protection from the outside environment. To make sure that your baby can become active and all-rounder to handle anything is no mean feat. Here are the top five ways to keep your baby active.

  1. Begin Early

To make sure that your baby is healthy and active, you have to start the preparations right from the time you get pregnant. Eating healthy food, staying away from drugs that can cause any sorts of complications for the baby, not smoking are some of the good practices that you should also include in your routine. 

  1. Baby Talk 

Talking to babies in various vocalizations is proven to keep them interested in what you’re doing. Exaggerated facial expressions and high pitched voices help the baby to absorb the sound of all languages. This triggers the areas responsible for understanding speech and producing language.

  1. Hand Gestures

Activities like peekaboo, hand puppets engage the baby and capture their attention. Using hands show young children how to interact with the world and also they are simply more fun.

  1. Toys

Keeping toys that allow the babies to explore and interact like building blocks or jack in the box can help the child understand the system of cause and effects. It develops the logic and learns what actions can have what kinds of effects it might generate. 

  1. Supplements

Giving your child natural supplements that can enhance the total development of the body and mind is also an excellent way to keep them active and all-rounder. Administration of Swarnaprashan (Suvarna Prashan) drops from an early stage helps the child in the overall development and builds a strong immune system that fights off diseases. 

These are the top five pointers that can help your child in being active and all-rounder throughout his/her life. 

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