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What Is Swarnaprashan( Suvarna Prashan ), It Is Safe For Your Baby Or Not?

What Is Swarnaprashan( Suvarna Prashan ), It Is Safe For Your Baby Or Not?

Since ancient times, Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) sanskar has been in practice to increase the immunity and development of the body. Nowadays, with the increase in contamination and adulteration of food, it has become very difficult to find products that are pure. This leads to the main question at hand, is Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) safe for your baby? Read on to know more about Swarnaprashan and its benefits.

Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) is an ayurvedic mixture containing natural herbs like Brahmi, shankhapushpi, indravarna, vaj with suvarna bhasma ( gold ash ), honey and ghee. When this mixture is consumed on pushya nakshatra, the medical properties of these herbs come together to impart a positive effect on the body.

Consuming Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) has many plus points that one should be aware of. They are as follows:

  1. A well known fact about Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) is that it is an excellent immunity booster for kids. The ayurvedic ingredients present in the mixture have immunization properties that develop the defense mechanism of the body.
  2. It builds physical strength, enhances body growth and stamina, making kids actively participate in physical activities.
  3. It helps children recover quickly from any illness.
  4. It improves appetite in children.
  5. Giving Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) on a regular basis improves grasping power, sharpness, analytical thinking, and memory recalling in a unique way.
  6. It develops a strong immune system in the body which acts as a safety shield against diseases and infections.

After reading these benefits of Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ), are you tempted to try it?

One question to answer before you try it out is whether it is safe for children. Natural ingredients without the presence of chemicals make it suitable for kids and babies. These Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) drops which are taken by children should be monitored for adulteration. Therefore, it is important to use only FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) approved products. The quality assurance and trust factor associated with FDA approval relieve us from worrying about the safety of the product. When it comes to Swanraprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ), always look for FDA approved products. INC Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ) is India’s only FDA approved Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan). This makes it safe to use for babies and kids. So, whenever you buy a Swarnaprashan ( Suvarna Prashan ), make sure it is FDA approved.  

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